Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars at Night

Color photograph of the Eiffel Tower at night
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This photograph of the Eiffel Tower was taken in the late evening from the Champ de Mars. The tower is seen here from the side opposite that seen in my main photograph.

This was a beautiful evening in Paris, and the air was clear enough that I could make out the shadows of people moving about on the top observation deck at the summit of the tower; you can just barely see some of these in the larger version of this photo. The Champ de Mars park was moderately occupied at this hour (about 8:30 PM); you can see tourists in the foreground on the grass.

Beneath the tower and in the distance, you can see the Palais de Chaillot, across the Seine River. It is also brilliantly lit, like most of the major landmarks in Paris. You’re looking northwest in this photograph. The sky was nearly cloudless at the time I took this, with no wind and a temperature of perhaps 9° Celsius. Truly a superb evening. I have a nearly identical photograph taken during the day, if you’d like to compare.

See also my Eiffel Tower FAQ for more information on this landmark.

Click directly on the photo to see a smaller version (half this size). Photographed on October 10, 2001.

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