Typical Métro Station

Color photograph of a subway station interior
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This is the interior of the Maubert-Mutualité station in the Latin Quarter of Paris, on line 10.

Line 10 and its stations are entirely typical of most Parisian subway lines and stations. Here you see the two platforms of the station, one for trains going in each direction—there are two tracks between the platforms. The station is quite clean, as you can see. The white tiling is very typical, lighting, signs, and advertisements are all typical of the vast majority of Métro stations. The doors on the opposite platform lead to an exit from the station. Like most Métro lines, this station is right below street level, so the trip to or from the surface involves only a small stairway or escalator.

Incidentally, advertising within stations and the subway overall generates a significant chunk of the Independent Paris Transit Authority’s revenue. Advertisers like Métro advertising because research has shown it to be quite effective (only advertising at movie theaters scores higher). The advertisement on the left is for cellular telephone service, and the advertisement on the right is for dishwashing liquid.

Click directly on the photo to see a larger version (twice this size). Photographed on November 22, 1999.

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