27 June 2022
20:08:01 UTC
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I’ve had a personal web site for over a quarter century. It has been hosted in various places at various times, but currently it is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Azure bills for every byte of data transfer and every CPU cycle, so I’ve reduced content on the site for now in order to avoid being bankrupted by Microsoft.

Yours truly coded this site completely from scratch. It’s just straight LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), and it is blazingly fast in consequence. There is no framework, there are no boatloads of JavaScript. There are no ads. There are no sponsors. I pay the cost of running the site out of my pocket.

In terms of privacy, you’re safe here. There are no sinister cookies in use. There are no tracing features. This site doesn’t blab about you to any other other sie, not even Google or Facebook. No personal data at all is collected. For this reason, there’s no GDPR declaration on my site—there’s nothing to declare.

Unless I win the lottery or move the site to a cheaper platform than Azure, some of the resource-consuming parts of former incarnations of the site will have to remain offline. The large photo galleries I used to have, for example, are missing for now.

My current self-signed public key for signing and certifying PDF documents (serial number ADD1737526FBB850A7F6) can be downloaded here. You’ll need to trust the certificate as a root certificate to fully validate it.

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