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1 June 2023
06:39:59 CEST

Eiffel Tower FAQ

Beneath the Eiffel Tower

Part of the Eiffel Tower Here are sme questions and answers about the Eiffel Tower, the world's most recognizable tourist attraction..

Information here is current as of March 10, 2023. In these uncertain times, it's hard to keep al the details up to date, but I try to verify them regularly.

Click on a question to see the answer.

What is the Eiffel Tower?
Where exactly is the tower located?
Why was the Eiffel Tower built?
What are the dimensions of the tower?
What is the tower made from?
Who owns the Eiffel Tower?
Who built the Eiffel Tower?
What color is the tower in real life?
How long did it take to build the tower?
How far away can you see from the top?
Did the U.S. give the Eiffel Tower to France in exchange for the Statue of Liberty?
Can the tower be climbed on foot?
Why was the tower built?
How much does it cost to visit the tower?
When is the tower open?
Do I need reservations to visit the tower?
How do you say Eiffel Tower in French?
Does the tower really sway in the wind?
Is it okay for me to visit the tower if I’m afraid of heights?
Can I mail things from the tower?
Was there really a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the old French money?
Is there ever a line to get into the tower?
Are there really names written on the tower?
Does the Eiffel Tower have a Web site?
Has anyone ever fallen or jumped off the tower?
Was anyone killed during the building of the tower?
How many steps are there in the Eiffel Tower?
How much did it cost to build the tower?
Is it true that the tower is on hydraulic jacks that can tilt it?
Can people in wheelchairs visit the Eiffel Tower?
How is the tower lit at night?
Are there restaurants in the tower?
Where can I find a scale model of the Eiffel Tower?
How long did the Eiffel Tower remain the tallest structure in the world?
Has it ever been possible to climb the stairs all the way to the top?
Were the stairs removed in 1983?
What does the Eiffel Tower sound like?
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