27 June 2022
21:34:47 UTC
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This is a small and highly eclectic collection of documents I’ve authored or (occasionally) typeset. They are all PDF files, unless otherwise indicated.

Using Phonetic Transcription in Class: A brief (eight-page) paper on how to use phonetic transcription with the Internationhal Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in ESL/EFL (or other language) classes.
FORTRAN Coding Form: A recreation of a vintage FORTRAN coding form, carefully based on the real thing.
English Verb Tenses Illustrated: A one-page diagram illustrating the time relationshipos expressed by English verb tenses.
A Brief Summary of the Rules of Chess: A succinct description of the game of chess for newcomers to the game.
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Robert Louis Stevenson's legendary Gothic novel about a doctor who creates an evil version of himself.
A Christmas Carol: The classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, by Charles Dickens.
Child vampirism brochure: A fictional information brochure on child vampirism
Vampiril prescribing information: Prescribing information for Vampiril, a fictional anti-vampirism medication
Vampirl label: Container label for Vampiril, a fictional anti-vampirism medication
Murk Manual vampirism entry: A fictional entry on vapirism from the famous Murk Manual
Periodic Table of the Elements: A periodic table of the elements, complete up to element 118.
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